Webflow designer & developer

Based in Barcelona.

In my journey of working in various marketing and business roles with different companies and industries, I have developed a diverse mindset and an understanding of the needs and expectations of different customers and how to communicate effectively with them.

I have also developed the knowledge of web design and development over the years, starting as a hobby and turning professional. I now have delivered over 50 professional websites to different clients from all the world.I am very serious with my work, and the value I add results from my dedication and commitment towards the work I do.

I have proudly succeeded in achieving a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and a master's degree in Marketing Management, however, my pursuit for knowledge is never-ending, and I am always curious to learn more and more about what interests me.

Tools I frequently use

Certified Expert


A user-friendly and intuitive website builder that makes creating pages easy even for...
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Figma is a web-based interface design application to collaborate in managing design projects.


Notion centralizes project management and content creation. It streamlines tasks to enhance productivity and efficiency.